Un jardin en ville

Success and Enchantment at Rendez-vous au Jardin: A Weekend of Captivating Activities and Enchanting Music

For the 20th edition of Rendez-vous au Jardin, which took place from Friday, June 2nd to Sunday, June 4th, gardens across France opened their doors to nature and beauty enthusiasts. Among these magical places was Jardin en Ville, located on Rue au Lin, a classified remarkable garden.

Throughout the weekend, a multitude of activities were offered, captivating both novices and enthusiasts alike.

This year’s theme, “Musiques du Jardin,” harmonized perfectly with the enchanting landscape. Approximately 150 visitors flocked to the garden, some to discover the botanical wonders, while others came to witness the exceptional concert by Jacky Kellett on piano and Richard Boland on violin.

The performance captivated the hearts of a hundred spectators, who were transported by the magic of the music and the beauty of the setting. The resounding applause is a testament to the emotions evoked by this remarkable performance.

Once again, Rendez-vous au Jardin proved its power to enchant and share, offering everyone the opportunity to escape into a preserved natural environment and be enchanted by captivating melodies. This event was a true ode to beauty and harmony, reminding us of the importance of preserving and appreciating the treasures of our surroundings.

Jardin en Ville, with its active participation and captivating animations, contributed to making this edition a resounding success. Visitors were delighted by the diversity of plants, intoxicating scents, and warm welcome they received.

At the end of this memorable weekend, Rendez-vous au Jardin once again demonstrated its ability to bring nature lovers together and create magical and unforgettable moments. It was a celebration of beauty, music, and nature that will remain etched in the memories of all who took part.